Balance Exercise Effectiveness

Balance exercises can do more than we think at first glance. See   What if there was an exercise routine that you could get two for one results? Would you do it? Fantastic! Now we know that balance exercises can enhance not only balance abilities but strength gains too.

Balance Exercises Correlate With Strength Exercises

Balance exercises have been the focus of substantial research over the last few years. We have been informed that balance exercises and balance training increases balance skills, but can balance exercises advance our strength as well? In their excellent study, Gain in strength and muscular balance after balance training,  Heitkamp H.-C., Horstmann T., Mayer F., Weller J. and Dickhuth H.-H. looked at the crossover of improving strength by doing balance exercises. The isolated effect of balance training on muscle strength of the flexors and extensors of the knee, without accompanying strength training, has not been addressed in the past. Effects of a balance training program alone were compared to a strength training program. Strength gain was similar for the flexors and extensors in both groups. One-leg balance improved after balance exercises and balance training with a 100% increase over the strength training group, but not in the strength training group.  The results indicate balance training to be effective for gain in muscular strength, and secondly, in contrast to strength training, equalisation of muscular imbalances may be achieved after balance exercises and  balance training.

balance exercisesBalance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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