Balance Exercises Enhance Stability Post Ankle Surgery

Balance exercises can help in many ways following ankle surgery and reconstruction. Typically, after ankle surgery the patient has a stiff and swollen ankle secondary to the surgery and to using a cast or walking boot. Physical Therapy Rehabilitation including balance exercises is very important following ankle surgery, whether it is for ligament or bone repair.  One of the key components of our balance is the ability to shift our weight around the ankle and feet.  Because of ankle stiffness following ankle surgery, it is vital to emphasize balance exercises and balance training that concentrates on restoring natural balance reactions through the ankle.

Balance Exercises Increase Ankle Mobility

Balance exercises and balance training following ankle surgery can be progressed to challenge balance and improve ankle mobility. When performing balance exercises on a soft surface like a pillow or foam, it forces your ankles to wiggle and wobble, correcting for changes in the balance point. That is an excellent way to enhance balance in a safe environment. Balance exercises on a soft surface also help to strengthen the ankle and restore it’s balance capabilities.

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Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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