Benefits Of Balance Exercises On The Swiss Ball

By Suzanne Stoke, Physical Therapist @ Exercise For Balance via balance exercises

Balance exercises can be very helpful for many aging adults, especially for those who have experienced a stroke. Please see Individuals who have suffered from a stroke are often left with weakness on one side in their arm and leg. Additionally, a stroke can detrimentally effect the person’s balance in sitting, standing and walking. Strokes can also lead to weakness in the core muscles surrounding the person’s trunk. These cumulative effects can result in poor balance and a greater risk for falling and causing further injury and limitations in daily function. Rehabilitation specialists like Physical Therapists have looked at ways to help folks after a stroke including balance exercises in standing and walking as well as balance training on a Swiss Ball.



Balance Exercises On A Swiss Ball

Balance exercises have been proven by medical researchers to be beneficial to improve balance and prevent falls. Recently, investigators have looked more specifically at the correlation between stability exercises on a Swiss Ball for folks who have had a stroke. In their study, Does training on Swiss ball improve trunk performance after stroke? Nayak A., Kumar V.K. and Babu K.S. examined the relationship between balance routines and trunk strength and balance abilities. They explained that trunk performance is important for functional outcome and also as  a predictor for activities of daily living after stroke. Swiss ball training is superior to ground based exercise in their ability to recruit trunk muscles by increasing their demand and trunk balance on healthy individuals and athletes. Their results indicated that a significant improvement was seen in dynamic balance and coordination subscales. Additionally, they concluded that training on Swiss ball improve trunk performance after stroke.


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