Balance Exercises For Dizziness With Movements

Balance exercises help us tolerate various movements as we get older.  Balance exercises are necessary to do to avoid dizziness with movements.  Our balance system includes a small organ in our inner ear called the vestibular system.  The job of the vestibular system
is to detect all movements that we do such as turning ones head, bending over to tie shoes, getting up from a chair and much more.  The vestibular system sends information about our movements to our brain, which then integrates that information with other sensory input.  When we were kids, we loved to stimulate the vestibular system with extreme movements like swinging, riding on a merry-go-round or spinning in circles. As adults, the vestibular system ages and is less tolerable of movement. We cringe at the thought of a roller coaster ride.  Consequently, it is important to practice balance exercises that gently stimulate the vestibular system, strengthen its function and enhance our balance abilities.
        Watch a short video clip about balance exercises for movements: Balance exercises for dizziness

Balance Exercises To Strengthen The Vestibular System

Balance exercises performed with eyes closed help to isolate and strengthen the vestibular system.  We can practice gentle balance exercises with eyes closed to stimulate the vestibular system to work harder and manage more difficult movements. balance exercises

Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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