Balance Exercises For Ankle Instability

Balance exercises and balance training can aid those unfortunate folks who suffer with ankle instability from chronic ligament sprains, lower leg muscle strains or disease processes like rheumatoid arthritis. See  Balance exercises are important to practice after you roll your ankle and sprain the ligaments on the outside of your leg. Balance exercises are also essential to do if you have flat feet that leads to a chronic muscle tearing and pain on the inside and underside of the ankle bone.  Balance exercises are the cornerstone for helping older people stay on their feet when they deal with instability issues. Those people with ankle problems struggle greatly with imbalance because the ankles play such a vital role in balance reactions and keeping us upright.

Balance Exercises For The Chronic Ankle Sprains

Balance exercises for people with ankle sprains has become a recent focus of researchers. In their study, Balance training for persons with functionally unstable ankles, Rozzi S.L., Lephart S.M., Sterner R. and Kuligowski L. evaluated the relationship of balance exercises and ankle instability. Objectives: To determine the effects of a 4-week balance exercise and balance training program during stance on a single leg for individuals who have experienced multiple episodes of inversion ankle sprains. Balance training is performed to treat existing proprioceptive deficits and to restore ankle joint stability, presumably by retraining altered afferent neuromuscular pathways. Conclusions: This study suggests that balance training is an effective means of improving joint proprioception and single-leg standing ability in subjects with unstable and nonimpaired ankles.

balance exercisesBalance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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