Balance Exercises Help Improve Joint Stabilitybalance exercises

Balance exercisesaid us in many different ways. Balance exercises help to enhance balance stability. Balance exercises increase balance reactions. Balance exercises also assist in stabilizing joints. See  Many times people have impaired balance because of orthopedic issues in their feet, ankles, knees or hips.   For instance, after an ankle sprain the ankle can be hyper mobile as well as painful which reduces balance abilities.  Additionally, if someone has a ligament tear at the knee, that unstable joint can cause balance problems and create a greater risk for falling.
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Balance Exercises Increase Joint Stability

Balance exercises are effective for individuals with unstable joints.  Balance exercises can create a stabilizing force across the joint line which enhances stability and control.  After an ankle sprain, balance exercises can also be used to rehabilitate balance reactions and restore balance skills.  For unstable joints, balance exercises should be performed on a daily basis to see the most improvement in recovery and stability.

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