Balance Exercises Needed For Different Footwear

Balance exercises are essential to maximize our balance abilities in all different situations, including different footwear. Our balance system relies on information from our eyes, inner ear and sensory feedback from our feet to keep us balanced and upright. If we change one of those components, our balance is greatly reduced. Lets take sensory input from our feet and different footwear as an example.

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When women wear high heels, they have a decreased base of support which reduces the sensory input to the brain. Also, high heel shoes pitch an individual forward, causing their center balance point to shift to their toes.  This altering of the position of the balance point greatly diminishes balance ability and increases the risk of falling and being injured. Balance exercises and balance techniques are vital for improving balance and reducing falls. The best way to practice balance exercises is in flat shoes or even barefoot. Flat shoes or bare feet help to maximize sensory input from the feet to the brain to enhance balance.

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Start balance exercises in flat shoes today and maximize your balance for all activities!