Balance Exercises To Improve Your Tennis Game

Balance exercises are the foundation of every movement we perform from standing, walking, stair climbing to higher level activities including hiking, golf, dancing and tennis. See   Balance exercises are important for the static and dynamic components of tennis. Within the game of tennis, you must be able to transition swiftly from running full speed from the baseline to abruptly stopping at the neck for a volley. Those movements require high-level balance activities.  To prepare for returning a serve, you must be able to maintain your balance in a static position. If you are off balance when the serve arrives, your chances of a mis hit or more likely.
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Balance Exercises Help Improve Tennis

Balance exercises can focus on side to side weight shifting to control ones balance during dynamic movements. Balance exercises can also help stabilize oneself when landing on one foot during a rush to the net or lunge for a tennis ball. Balance training can also aid in challenging situations like running back for a ball that has been lobed over your head. The game of tennis is so diverse with all its movements and possibilities for off balance situations. Balance exercises should be performed at a high level before ever stepping onto the court, to assist in maximizing your game during a match.

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