Senior Balance Exercises And Balance Training Is A Must

Balance exercises are very important for seniors to complete on a daily basis to help improve balance and prevent debilitating falls. We know that senior balance training exercises are important but how do we know which drills to do? How can you determine which workouts are safe and which exercises are too difficult for older adults to perform? See Unfortunately, there are suggestions by doctors, trainers and even mentioned over the internet to try to stand on one foot to improve balance. That can be dangerous for an older individual with weak ankles, numbness in the feet or stiffness in the hips. When an older adult tries to stand on just one foot, their brain does not have a reference point to work with to stabilize them. Aging adults need specific instruction on how to find their balance point and how to use their stasis point in different exercise sequences to be able to improve their imbalance reactions. As the baby boomer group turns of age, we are seeing an ever increasing need for senior balance exercises and balance training as well as senior fitness programs to be implemented at home and in group settings. Unfortunately, everyday we see that our general lifestyle has become less active and more sedentary with the conveniences of cars, TV, internet, etc. As time goes on, in general, people live much more sedentary and less active lives then their grandparents or great grandparents did at the same age. Consequently, we all must be more intentional in regards to participating in senior fitness programs, aging adult activities, and senior balance training programs running for our older population.

 Elder Balance Training At Home And At The Gym

Senior balance exercises and imbalance training are a critical component of senior citizen fitness routines. More and more research has been done to prove that older adults require balance drills in addition to strength training workouts. Seniors need specific symmetry training as an adjunct to senior fitness classes and workouts that emphasis cardiovascular and strength building. Thankfully, there are more and more tools available, like the Exercise For Balance DVD, to show how to improve balance and activity levels.

  Balance Exercises All Through The Years

Balance exercises are also extremely vital to perform as we age into our senior years. Balance exercises are important to help those older adults stay active and engaged in social events. On the one hand, by daily performing imbalance training and balance routines seniors can keep moving, stay active, remain engaged with their families and continue to participate in social outings, thereby diminishing the effects of isolation and depression that so often grips our senior population. Also, balance exercises help to combat the natural aging process of our balance system components, primarily our eyes, inner ear vestibular system and sensory feedback from the feet and ankles, that decreases our balance reactions and balance abilities. Recent research has explained that balance routines done everyday also assist to reduce the risk of falling. Presently, statistics suggest that 1 in 3 seniors fall every year– that’s almost 20 million a year, resulting in life altering injuries like hip fractures, wrist fractures and head injuries.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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