Balance Exercises Help After A THR

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Balance exercises are essential to perform only orthopedic surgeries including back surgeries, knee replacements and total hip replacement surgeries. Total hip replacement surgeries are very common in America with our senior population. Total hip replacement surgeries most of the time improve their person’s function, pain level, and independence with activities of daily living. Initially, however, following a total hip replacement surgery the individual experiences impairments in strength, balance, flexibility and the ability to take care of themselves. Immediately following hip surgery, the individual experiences a significant alteration in their gait pattern which includes:
-Decreased stride length
-Decreased balance abilities
-Decreased gait velocity
-Decreased hip joint mobility
These alterations in walking abilities as well as a decrease in strength in the lateral and posterior hip muscles can lead to poor balance and a greater risk for falling. Rehabilitation focusing on strengthening exercises, gait and mobility and balance training has shown to improve all of the gait deficits to within normal limits within three to six months following surgery. Please see

Balance Exercises Improve Walking After A THR

Practicing balance exercises every day can improve in individual’s steadiness following a total hip replacement surgery. One of the specific balance impairment that occurs following a total hip surgery is the decrease in weight bearing on this surgical leg, which diminishes balance abilities. Additionally, following hip surgery the person has difficulties with standing and turning to look behind them without losing their balance. There are certain equilibrium exercises that can be practiced on a consistent basis to help an individual improve their ability to weight bear equally through both legs. As an example, a person can practice centering their weight in the middle of their base of support through their feet and then shift their body weight side to side to maximize weight bearing on their surgical leg. Furthermore, the individual can practice controlling transferring their body weight while turning in their head and trunk side to side without losing their balance. These balance exercises and balanced techniques and be performed every day in the convenience of your own home by following along with the Exercise For Balance DVD, developed by an experienced Physical Therapist.


Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercise dvd

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To  get moving safely after hip surgery, start balance exercises today with the Exercise For Balance DVD to improve balance and prevent falls.

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