Balance Exercises Help Osteoporosis

Balance exercises are an important part of our lives as we age. One aspect of aging that balance exercises can help with is osteoporosis. Unfortunately, osteoporosis  effects many women as they age. One of the complications of osteoporosis is creating poor posture –that forward bent posture where the head and shoulders slump forward. Osteoporosis can make us feel like we have an extremely heavy head that we are trying to hold up like this buck…balance exercises


With severe forward posture, our center of gravity is also thrown forwards, which produces balance problems.  With our center balance point forward in our toes, it is easy to fall forwards and be injured.

Balance Exercises Improve Balance and Strength

A research study was recently completed that showed that balance exercises can help both improve balance and increase strength in ladies with osteoporosis. A randomized control trial of 223 postmenopausal breast cancer survivors was conducted to determine if 24 months of exercise training, including balance exercises, would demonstrate improved muscle strength and balance. Participants were randomly selected to a control or an intervention group. Testing was conducted at baseline, 6, 12, and 24 months for all participants.

FINDINGS: Women who exercised for 24 months had improved hip, knee, and wrist flexion and extension and improved balance. Also, the women who exercised had fewer falls.

Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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