Balance Exercises Help With Ménière’s Disease

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Balance exercises are helpful for people over the age of 60 years old or for people who struggle with balance problems like neuropathy, leg weakness from sciatica, diabetes, Parkinson’s or Ménière’s Disease. Ménière’s Disease describes a group of signs and symptoms that include:

– dizziness

– fluctuating hearing loss

– ringing in the ears which is called tinnitus

 -a feeling of fullness in the ear

People with Ménière’s Disease describe cyclical symptoms which flare up at various times. Often with Ménière’s Disease the symptoms worsen with a high salt or alcohol intake. One consistent consequence of the symptoms of Ménière’s Disease is balance problems. When the person experiences a flare up of vertigo due to Ménière’s Disease, they also complain of feeling off balance and they have a greater risk of falling. See

Balance Exercises Benefit Ménière’s Disease

Balance exercises are beneficial for those with Ménière’s Disease. Stability routines should be practiced everyday for people who have Ménière’s Disease in order to improve balance and prepare for the times when their dizziness worsens and they feel more imbalanced.  Equilibrium exercises can help the person find the center of balance in their body and use the sensory input from their feet to the floor to help stabilize them. A professional balance trainer can also instruct folks with Ménière’s Disease on the proper balance exercise to do to reduce the risk of falling.


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