Balance Exercises Help With Hemiplegia

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Performing balance exercises is an essential activity for older individuals, especially those who have suffered from a stroke. Often times, following a stroke the person is left with weakness on one side, either one arm or one leg or both the arm and leg. These deficits following a stroke result in common problems for mobility and balance. In particular, elderly individuals with hemiplegia often shows signs of
-Difficulty initiating the swing phase of gait with their weak leg
-A shuffling gait pattern
-Difficulty with clearing their weak leg when walking
-Difficulty turning without losing balance
-Poor standing balance
Many of these gait deviations or related problems with moving the body over unstable lower limb. Additionally, aging adults who have suffered from a stroke walk significantly more slowly with a decreased cadence and larger time in double limb support phase, which inevitably leads to decreased steadiness and a greater risk for falling. Furthermore, their gait pattern is asymmetric with a greater swing time of the weak leg and longer single stance time on the unaffected limb. Thankfully, by practicing balance exercises, an individual who has experienced a stroke can improve their overall steadiness and gait pattern, leading to a decreased potential for falling. Please see

Balance Exercises Are Critical For Those With Hemiplegia

For individuals with hemiplegia, practicing balance exercises on a daily basis can help to enhance stability and gait parameters, especially within the first 12 months following a stroke. Equilibrium exercises should include static standing and learning to center one’s body weight over their base of support. Stability routines can also involve standing on the weak limb to help improve balance and strength for the affected lower leg. Steadiness exercises can be progressed to include dynamic routines that work on enhancing timing patterns during gait. These balance exercises can be practiced in the convenience of your own home by following the direction an experienced physical therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.


Balance Exercises In The Practice Balance Exercises At HomeExercise For Balance DVD

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