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Balance exercises are a critical foundation for the elderly to stay steady and safe as well as for athletes to enhance their performance. Please see Balance training is an essential component of top athlete’s workouts. In particular, stability exercises can enhance a baseball pitcher’s accuracy and speed of throwing. Over the last few seasons, the speed of professional baseball pitcher’s fastball pitches have increased amazingly. In 2003 there was only one pitcher who threw at least 25 pitches at 100 MPH or faster. In the 2012 season, sixty-two pitchers threw fastball pitches greater than 96 MPH. Now with new digital technology, it is easier than ever to detect the throwing motion of a baseball pitcher and see where their speed comes from. Capps, who plays for the Seattle Mariners, commented,” The harder you throw, the cleaner it feels. It is less stress on the arm, because when I’m throwing my hardest, my legs are doing all the work and my upper body is coming right through.” Baseball pitchers have learned to use the rotational forces of their trunk to propel their body and release a faster pitch through their arm and hand kinetic chain. The capacity to speed up their pitches starts with good balance and strong core muscles.

Balance Exercises: The Foundation Of A Good Pitch

Balance exercises are an excellent starting point to develop a strong pitching motion and speedy fast pitch. Baseball pitchers must employ advanced balance techniques of maintaining stability while simultaneously moving through a pitching motion. At the beginning and end phase of a pitch, the thrower lifts one leg and maintains that single stance position in a measure of stability. Simultaneously, the pitcher’s body completes a full rotation of the hips, trunk, shoulder, elbow and hand at a tremendous speeds. The pitcher must have excellent static as well as dynamic balance to complete a throwing motion with good control and speed. Equilibrium exercises that include static, single leg holding routines are an outstanding adjunct to a workout routine. Additionally, baseball pitchers can practice stability exercises that include weight shifting during dynamic movements that mimic the control needed for the body to rotate through space in a controlled and powerful manner. Whether you are a senior needing to practice static and dynamic balance routines to stay safe at home or whether you are a competitive athlete wanting to enhance your speed and control of every pitch, you can practice a balance exercise routine developed by an experienced Physical Therapist with the Exercise For Balance DVD.


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