Balance Exercises For Unusual Activities Jackson Hole

By Suzanne Stoke, Physical Therapist @ Exercise For Balance via

 Balance exercises are important to perform every day to stay safe with common activities at home like walking up and down stairs, turning in the bathroom, reaching up in the kitchen. Stability exercises can also be helpful for outdoor activities like walking your dog, hiking, playing golf or tennis or taking a Sumba class at the gym. Recently, I had the experience of applying my equilibrium exercises while snowboarding. Unfortunately, the weather was not great. It was very cold, snowing, very windy with low visibility. Thankfully, my balance skills were up for the weather and the snow conditions.    Please see Snowboarder going over cliff in Telluride, Colorado

Balance Exercises For Unusual Activities

 Balance exercises and balance training are a must for anyone who wants to strap on a snowboard. Snowboarding can be immensely fun, but it requires enormous balance abilities. For instance, to just attach your feet to the snowboard you need to apply a simultaneous combination of static and dynamic stability. Typically, when you get on and off the lift, you have one foot strapped on the board and the other foot free. The strapped in foot becomes your static balance mechanism. That leg must keep you upright while your other foot is pushing off dynamically to get you in position for the lift. If you make it on and off the lift successfully without falling, then you get the opportunity to use your balance skills to strap in the second foot. I find that in days when you get to board in powder, it is more effective to attach the second foot while standing rather than try to sit down and get up again in the deep snow. Attaching the second foot in standing is another challenge to ones balance. While maintaining static balance on the one attached foot, you must stabilize your center of balance and move your second foot into place. Remember, all this strapping in takes place on a slippery hill. Thankfully, I have been practicing my balance exercise routine with the Exercise For Balance DVD and have been able to advance my balance abilities to successfully manage the balance challenges necessary to go snowboarding.

Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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