Balance Exercises After Back Surgery

Balance exercises are important to perform following back surgery.  Many times previous to back surgery, our posture is altered in a forward bent or side bent position secondary to pain.  One of the pillars of balance exercises is to center our weight as a plumb line coming through our body. The centering our weight balance exercise helps to improve posture following back surgery. Additionally, prior to back surgery there is  usually leg pain, numbness and tingling associated with back pain.  The extremity symptoms also alter posture with standing and walking, which diminishes balance abilities. Consequently, balance exercises to center the balance point in our feet are important to practice following back surgery.  Balance exercises also help to focus on the sense of touch between the feet and a floor. Hopefully, this sense of touch in the feet is improved after back surgery and needs to be enhanced with balance exercises.

Balance Exercises Improve Strength After Back Surgery

Balance exercises are a key component of improving core muscle strength following back surgery. Balance exercises challenge the
body to tighten the core trunk muscles while performing various standing and walking activities.  Balance exercises can be a gentle foundation of exercise to begin with following back surgery. balance exercises

Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

The Exercise For Balance DVD contains specific balance exercises in standing and walking that can be used following back surgery.  In the Exercise For Balance DVD, you will learn relevant balance techniques, balance exercises and strength exercises from a licensed physical therapist who has specialized in dizziness and balance disorders for over 20 years. The Exercise For Balance DVD is a perfect tool to use at home following back surgery to begin your gentle rehabilitation process.  To order your Exercise For Balance DVD, click on the buy now button

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Start your balance exercises today for a healthier tomorrow!!