Balance Exercises Designed For After A Stoke

Balance exercises are an essential component of rehabilitation following a stroke. Usually, depending on the extent of the injury, stroke victims experience weakness on one side of their body after a stroke. See Because of that weakness, they typically shift their weight off their weak side and on to their “good leg” in attempts of being able to be mobile. Balance exercises are therefore important to practice after a stoke to help properly align the body’s center balance point and to help with activities like getting up from a chair, standing and walking.

 Balance Exercises For Post-stroke Individuals

Balance exercises are a cornerstone of rehabilitation following a stroke. Recently, Lubetzky-Vilnai A. and Kartin D. studied balance exercises for stroke victims in their paper, The effect of balance training on balance performance in individuals post stroke.  Stroke is a leading cause of long-term disability, and impaired balance after stroke is strongly associated with future function and recovery. Until recently there has been limited evidence to support the use of balance exercises and balance training to improve balance performance in this population. Information about the optimum exercise dosage has also been lacking. This review evaluated recent evidence related to the effect of balance training on balance performance among individuals post stroke across the continuum of recovery. We found moderate evidence that balance performance can be improved following individual, “one-on-one” balance training and balance exercises for participants in the acute stage of stroke, and either one-on-one balance training or group therapy for participants with subacute or chronic stroke. Moderate evidence also suggests that in the acute stage, intensive balance training for 2 to 3 times per week may be sufficient, whereas exercising for 90 minutes or more per day, 5 times per week may be excessive. Conclusions: This review supports the use of balance training exercises to improve balance performance for individuals with moderately severe stroke.

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