Balance Exercises Improved With Weight Training

Balance exercises are a known entity to improve balance and prevent falls and injuries from falling. We also understand that leg strengthening exercises and having strong legs benefits balance reactions and stability. See  The question is how much weight training is prudent to build leg strength, which in turn enhances balance exercises and balance abilities?

Balance Exercises Benefitted By Strengthening Exercises

Balance exercises and strength training go hand in hand. How much strength training is enough and how much is too much? Thankfully, research has come out to answer that query.  Hess J.A. and Woollacott M. in their excellent study, Effect of high-intensity strength training on functional measures of balance ability in balance impaired older adults, looked at balance exercises and strength exercises in the older active adult population. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of a 10-week, high-intensity strength-training program targeting key lower extremity muscles for the purpose of improving postural control in balance-impaired older adults. Results: After strength training, the exercisers were significantly stronger than the control subjects. Conclusions: High-intensity strength training can safely and effectively strengthen lower extremity muscles in balance-impaired older adults, resulting in significant improvements in functional balance ability and decreased fall risk. Therefore, high intensity strength training, not just mild range of motion exercises, are beneficial to improve balance and reduce the risk of falling for older adults.

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