Balance Exercises And The Affordable Care Act

By Suzanne Stoke Physical Therapist, @ Exercise For Balance DVD via

Balance exercises and balance training are going to become big players as the changes in the Affordable Care Act unfold. The up and coming healthcare reform will affect all of us in many ways. One of the forseeable changes will be the emphasis on PREVENTION as well as SELF CARE. More and more of the burden for staying healthy will fall directly into the lap of the individual. Medical researchers and healthcare professionals have detailed that one of the biggest problems that seniors face is falling and the debilitating injures that accompany falls. Often times a fall results in a hip fracture or a wrist fracture that can require extensive and costly medical care. Unfortunately, at this time the frequency of seniors falling is one in three fall every year. That is about twenty million falls per year. The new healthcare reforms will be unable to accommodate such huge expenses from falling. Consequently, older adults will be prompted more and more to practice balance exercises at home to prevent those costly falls.

 Balance Exercises Reduce The Frequency Of Falling

Balance exercises have been proven by medical researchers to reduce the risk and frequency of falling for aging adults.  Balance training done every day can help an older individual improve their balance, advance balance reactions, maximize necessary leg muscle strength and minimize the fear of falling. Stability exercises can help seniors stay active and moving safely, which is critical for maintaining health in general. Thankfully, now there is a convenient balance training DVD that can be used at home to practice specific balance techniques and exercises.

  Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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Begin fall prevention measures and balance exercises today with the Exercise For Balance DVD to improve balance and prevent falls.