Balance Exercises For Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis

Balance exercises  combined with strengthening exercises can be very beneficial for individuals who suffer with knee pain and osteoarthritis. Please see Individuals who struggle with knee pain and stiffness from osteoarthritis tend to change their gait pattern. Knee pain creates an unsteadiness with walking, resulting in a greater chance of falling. Without the proper shock absorbing structures in the knee, people have more stiffness and more jerkiness with walking and with getting up and down from a chair. Knee osteoarthritis also imposes a significant problem when going up and down stairs. Statistics reveal that one in four people fall down the stairs at some point in time. Knee osteoarthritis can contribute to the difficulty with ascending and descending stairs. Thankfully, balance exercises and strengthening exercises can assist individuals with knee osteoarthritis.


 Balance Exercises And Strength Exercises For Knee Pain

Balance exercises and strength exercises have been studied by researchers to see their effectiveness for people with osteoarthritis. Diracoglu D., Baskent A., Celik A., Issever H. and Aydin R. in their report, Long-term effects of kinesthesia/balance and strengthening exercises on patients with knee osteoarthritis, looked at balance exercises and strength exercises for people with knee pain. Objective: Strengthening exercises are given frequently to the patients with knee osteoarthritis. It is known that these patients have proprioceptive deficits. The effect of the kinesthesia exercises (balance exercises) which aim to improve proprioception is not known in the knee osteoarthritis. The aim was to compare kinesthetic plus strengthening exercises vs. strengthening exercise alone, and to determine the effects of these exercises on the pain and functional status of women with mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis (OA) in the long term. Conclusion: Carried out for one year, kinesthesia and balance exercises seem to be superior to strengthening exercises only on WOMAC parameters in women with mild to moderate knee OA.

Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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