Balance Exercises And Physical Abilities

Balance exercises and gait exercises are foundational for older adults to practice on a daily basis. See

Balance exercises can focus on improving steadiness with standing activities, like while cooking or brushing ones teeth. Balance exercises can also concentrate on functional activities like getting up safely from a chair and finding ones equilibrium before starting to walk. Gait exercises can assist a person to be more stable while walking, going up and down stairs or stepping off curbs.

Balance Exercises And Gait Exercises

Balance exercises and accompanying gait exercises have been a focus of medical researchers to see how those exercise routines contribute to physical function in older adults. Shimada H., Uchiyama Y. and Kakurai S. in their study, Specific effects of balance and gait exercises on physical function among the frail elderly, measured the benefit of balance exercises and gait training.  Objective: To evaluate the specific effects of balance and gait exercises among frail elderly individuals. Interventions: The two exercise groups received balance or gait exercise for 40 minutes, 2-3 times weekly, for 12 weeks. Results: Comparison of the performance before and after intervention demonstrated significant improvement in One Leg Standing Test, Functional Reach Test and Functional Balance Scale in the balance exercise group, and Functional Balance Scale, Timed ‘Up and Go’ Test and Stair Descending Test showed improvement in the gait exercise group.  Conclusions: Balance exercises led to improvements in static balance function, and gait exercises resulted in improvements to dynamic balance and gait functions in the very frail elderly.

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