Balance Exercises For Painful Heels

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Balance exercises are a necessary component of daily living for seniors in their 60s and above as well as individuals to complain of medical issues or musculoskeletal pain.  One common pain syndrome that affects millions of people is the experience of having painful heelsPain in the heel can occur secondary to a bone spur or at the attachment site of plantar fascia on the calcaneus bone.  Pain in the heel is the most common rear foot problem.  Heel pain can be a result of cumulative repetitive impact forces at the heel strike phase of walking.  Additionally, heel pain can be seen with prolonged weight-bearing, which is very common with jobs that require individuals to be on their feet most of the day.  Other considerations that affect heel pain include obesity and atrophy of the fat pad at the heel.  When a person experiences heel pain, they tend to shift their body weight off the painful area and their heel, which results in changing their balance point and increasing their risk for falling.  There are several considerations to help reduce heel pain and improve balance. Please see

Balance Exercises For Those Painful Heels

     Balance exercises are important to do every day for individuals who suffer with heel pain to help them improve balance abilities and decrease their risk for falling.  With specific balance training, the person with heel pain can learn how to center their body weight in their arches and off their painful heel bone.  By maintaining a person’s body weight in their arches, they will have better control of their weight shifting and subsequent ankle reactions that are needed for good stability.  Additionally, by practicing equilibrium exercises every day a person with heel pain can help to enhance their strength in their feet and lower legs, which is also beneficial for maximizing steadiness with all standing and walking activities.  Orthotics and shoe management can also benefit those individuals who suffer with painful heels, which leads to poor balance abilities.  Padded orthotics help to increase shock absorption  and improve contact  at the calcaneus heel bone.  Furthermore, using orthotics in the shoe helps to improve comfort as well as enhance the efficiency of the foot during the push off phase of walking, which decreases the fatigue in the muscles.  By combining orthotics, supportive shoes and stability exercises, an individual can advance their comfort and balance abilities by a large percentage.  Now, you can practice specific balance techniques that train you how to shift your body weight into your arches as well as appropriate balance routines developed by an experienced Physical Therapist with the Exercise For Balance DVD.


Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercise dvd

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To help foot pain and stability, start balance exercises today with the Exercise For Balance DVD to improve balance and prevent falls.

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