Balance Exercises And Increased Awareness

Balance exercises are as important to our every day lives as eating and drinking. Balance exercises help reduce the risk of falling. Please see One essential aspect of balance exercises and balance training is to utilize the sense of touch between our feet and the floor to assist in ground in promoting stability and enhancing overall balance with standing and walking activities.

Balance Exercises And Stability Awareness

Balance exercises and the awareness of falling has been evaluated by medical researchers. Garcia A., Marciniak D., McCune L., Smith E. and Ramsey R. in their recent study, Promoting fall self-efficacy and fall risk awareness in older adults,  looked at balance exercises and fall risk. Introduction: This study examined whether participation in a modified version of the “Stepping On” program was effective in increasing fall self-efficacy, static and dynamic balance, and awareness of fall risks in older adults. Conclusion:  participation in the modified “Stepping On” program did lead to an overall increase in awareness of fall risks. Modifying the evidence-based program made it feasible to test in a new community and may have empowered older adults with the knowledge to prevent future falls.

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