Balance Exercises And Visual Training

Balance exercises are a high priority of research these days. Balance exercises are a daily necessity of folks over the age of 60. In our older years, our balance system begins to become less efficient and more prone to falls. See  The three main components of our balance system that responds well to balance exercises are our vision , vestibular system and sensory feedback from our feet and ankles. Our vision is our primary sense used to help balance. Recently, researchers have studied our vision and its impact on our balance skills and balance abilities.

Balance Exercises And Visual Input

Balance exercises and visual tracking was recently researched by Schulmann D.L., Godfrey B. and Fisher A.G.  in their study, Effect of eye movements on dynamic equilibrium.

The purpose of this study was to determine whether visual improvement of balance varies depending on the movement of the eye. Three movements were compared: static visual fixations, saccadic eye movements, and smooth pursuit eye movements. The subjects in this study were 35 healthy female volunteers. Balance was defined as the subjects’ ability to maintain their equilibrium while keeping the unstable platform on which they stood within 5 degrees of the horizontal plane. RESULTS:  A significant effect of vision on balance was found. The t tests for correlated samples revealed that time in balance during visual fixations and saccades was significantly longer than during tracking eye movements. We, therefore, concluded that tracking eye movements have a negative effect on balance. This information can be useful in treating patients with balance problems. For example, instructing patients to fixate visually on an object may aid their stability. Visual tracking of a moving limb, however, may impair a patient’s stability.  

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