Balance Exercises And The Game Of Bocci Ball

Balance exercises can be helpful to keep you stable and active with all levels of movement from simply standing and walking to playing fun games like golf, tennis and bocci ball. Please see  Bocci ball is an ancient italian game that involves throwing a small ball out and trying to match a toss of the bigger balls as close as possible to the small ball. Bocci ball is played outdoors, usually on grass or sand. Balance exercises are essential to practice before a Bocci ball game because the individual must navigate uneven terrain through the grass or sand.

Balance Exercises Help Bocci Ball Performance

Balance exercises also assist with the mechanics of playing Bocci ball. During the throws, the individual must be able to weight shift forwards and backwards and be able to stabilize throughout the throwing pattern. Balance exercises can help to control weight shifting during the throwing motion. Balance exercises can aid in maximizing balance reactions for walking across uneven surfaces. Balance exercises can also enhance the ability to lean over and pick up the Bocci balls repetitively throughout the game. Consequently, to improve your Bocci ball game and to just enjoy being outdoors with family and friends, practice balance exercises everyday.

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