Balance Exercises For Aching Feet

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Balance exercises are beneficial for individuals who suffer with many different kids of maladies, including medical conditions like diabetes and cancer and orthopedic issues like back, knee or foot pain. Many of us, especially those people who are on their feet all day from Mom’s busy at home running after their kids to those in the retail or service industry who stand all day, suffer with nagging foot pain. Since our feet bear our body’s weight during standing, it makes sense that we experience foot pain with prolonged standing and walking. Foot pain can be an indication of plantar fascitis, pain and inflammation of the fibrous tendon in the bottom of the foot. Foot pain can be secondary to bunions or a condition called Morton’s neuroma. Foot and ankle discomfort can be exacerbated by wearing high heals that shifts your weight forward onto the balls of your feet. Quite often when a person experiences foot pain, they change the weight-bearing placement in their feet, trying to reduce their discomfort. As a result, the person’s balance point is altered, throwing them off-balance and at a greater risk for falling.

Balance Exercises For Those With Foot Pain

Balance exercises can be one solution to help individuals with foot pain to not shift their weight in a manner that diminishes their balance reactions and leads to a greater risk for falling. Stability exercises enhance balance reactions at the feet and ankles, which improves steadiness and reduces falls. Equilibrium routines also strengthen the brain-body connection which is vital for better balance. additionally, there are several tips to help reduce foot pain in the first place. Dr Johnson at Mass General Hospital in Boston suggests moving the feet and ankles up and down and in circles to increase circulation in the feet and lower legs. Furthermore, Dr Johnson recommends taking a break twice a day to stretch the calf muscles, reducing the tension in the Achilles Tendon and Plantar Fascia. Additionally, since our feet have to support our entire body weight, losing weight can help diminish foot pain. Dr Johnson says, “Every pound of weight lost is like 3 to 4 pounds in decrease on the feet and ankles.” For more information and instruction on balance exercises and strength exercises to help you improve stability and be able to start a walking program for weight reduction, please see the Exercise For Balance DVD.


Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercise dvd

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