Balance Exercises Following A Hip Fracture

Balance exercises are a key piece of the rehabilitation puzzle for a person following a hip fracture. See

Balance exercises are an excellent adjunct to general range of motion and strengthening exercises needed to restore a lower leg to function after a fracture. Balance exercises in general help to improve leg strength and ankle mobility. frequently after a break, the hip muscles are affected, resulting in a substantial limp with walking. Balance exercises can also help to restore a normal walking pattern after a fracture. Additionally, balance exercises most definitely help to improve balance and prevent further falls that typically precede a hip fracture.

Balance Exercises And hip Fracture After Care

Balance exercises and strength exercises for people after a hip fracture have been studied by medical researchers. Portegijs E., Kallinen M., Rantanen T., Heinonen A., Sihvonen S., Alen M., Kiviranta I. and Sipilä S. in their study, Effects of Resistance Training on Lower-Extremity Impairments in Older People With Hip Fracture, looked at balance exercises and strength exercises following a hip fracture.  Effects of resistance training on lower-extremity impairments in older people with hip fracture. Objective: To study the effects of resistance training on muscle strength parameters, mobility, and balance. Results: Self-reported ability to walk outdoors improved after training. Conclusions: Intensive resistance training and balance training is feasible for people with a hip fracture and improved muscle strength and power. More intensive training especially for the weaker leg may be needed to obtain more marked effects on asymmetric deficit, mobility, and balance.

Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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