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Balance exercises are an important part of every athlete’s workout. Please see  We can learn from the horrific fall that Lindsey Vonn, US Olympic and World Champion Skier, took last week that falling can produce significant injuries, not only for older adults but also for athletes. In the elderly population, a fall can result in breaking bones, like a hip or wrist fracture. Falls in the senior citizen age range can be debilitating and lead to loss of mobility, loss of independence, loss of quality of life and financial hardship as well. Many times, when an athlete experiences a fall, it can be season ending or career ending. The status of Lindsey Vonn’s return for the Olympics in 2014 is unknowable at this time. Here is a report of her fall:

Vonn tears ligaments in right knee, out for season

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SCHLADMING, Austria (AP) — The U.S. Ski Team says Lindsey Vonn has torn the ACL and MCL in her right knee and also has a broken bone after a horrific crash Tuesday at the world championships.

The team says Vonn will undergo surgery and will miss the rest of this season but is expected to return in time for the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

The team says Vonn has “a torn ACL and MCL in her right knee and a lateral tibial plateau fracture.”

Vonn, of Vail, Colo., lost her balance on her right leg while landing a jump, flipped over in the air and landed on her backside as she smashed through a gate before coming to a halt.

The four-time overall World Cup winner and 2010 Olympic downhill champion received medical treatment on the slope for 12 minutes before being taken by helicopter to a hospital in Schladming.

Balance Exercises Help Folks Of All Activity Level

Balance exercises can help you whether you are a high level Olympic or professional athlete, a high school or college athlete, a weekend athlete, or a senior citizen trying to avoid falling and maintain an active and independent life. Stability exercises can help people of all levels of activities improve balance and reduce the risk and rate of falling. Researchers have shown multiple benefits of a balance exercise regime. Equilibrium exercises enhance leg strength, posture, balance reactions at the ankles, and general stability. By practicing balance exercises everyday, you can progress to a general walking or fitness program that has wonderful benefits including weight reduction, improved cardiovascular health, mood elevation and enhance socialization. Exercise in general is the best way to stay healthy and happy as you grow older. A balance exercise program in particular will keep you safe and steady as you perform other exercise activities. Now, you can start a stability routine in the comfort of your own home with the Exercise For Balance DVD.


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Calling all athletes and seniors to start balance exercises today with the Exercise For Balance DVD to improve balance and prevent falls.

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