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       As the popularity of selfies continues to explodes, considering a few stability techniques and balance exercises is essential to keep you safe for another day and another selfie. Please see As selfies have gone viral all around the world, the level of risk to take a selfie has also exploded dramatically. Some times, selfies become popular because of who are in them and some selfies catch on because of where they are taken. For example,  Lee Thompson climbed up to the top of Christ the Redeemer Statute in Rio De Janeiro, which stands on top of Corcovado mountain more than 2,300 feet above the city. On top of the outstretched arms of Jesus, Lee Thompson took a picture of himself that required enormous concentration and steadiness. Another  photographer captured a photo of himself as he  participated at the Great Bull Run— taking a video of himself running for his life! balance exercises All in all, we can say that to stay on your feet, prevent falling and live another day for another selfie, it is critical to follow basic stability strategies and practice a few balance exercises before snapping a selfie.

Practice Balance Exercises For safe Selfies

    Before embarking on extreme selfies, take a few moments to rehearse simple steadiness strategies and balance exercises to  maximize your safety and adventure in picture taking. For example, Lee Thompson who climbed up the statue of Christ The Redeemer in Rio De janerio to take a picture needed to learn how to center his body’s center of gravity  in his moving base of support established by his feet beneath him. By centering his body weight, he was able to control his weight shifting from one foot to the other foot as he climbed. Additionally, by practicing a single leg stance equilibrium routine, where he stands on one foot at a time, he would be able to maximize his balance abilities, enabling him to safely snap a picture while hanging on to the Statue of Jesus. Most of us, however, may not ever partake in extreme selfie picture taking. For us regular folks who just want to be safe at home going up and down stairs , cleaning the house or moving safely in the kitchen and bathroom, we can also benefit from performing specific stability strategies and equilibrium routines that advance balance skills. YOu can learn appropriate balance exercises and steadiness techniques by following the instruction of a knowledgeable physical therapist in the exercise for balance DVD.


Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercise dvd

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