How To Practice Senior Balance Exercises

By Suzanne Stoke, Physical Therapist @ Exercise For Balance via

  Medical professionals have touted the benefits of practicing senior balance exercises, but the greatest effectiveness comes from implementing three basic steps into the routine. Please see For years, doctors, nurses and physical therapists have been encouraging older adults to incorporate steadiness routines into their daily activities to promote enhanced stability and to limit the potential of a fall. Steadiness routines are growing in popularity among outpatient physical therapy facilities, hospital based rehabilitation programs and skilled nursing facilities. Detailed equilibrium routines assist to improve essentials components like leg strength, ankle mobility and balance reactions, which contribute to reducing the risk and frequency of falling. In their excellent research article, Balzer K, Bremer M, evaluated Falls prevention for the elderly. In their study, they described that for an ageing population, a growing prevalence of chronic diseases and limited financial resources for health care underpin the importance of prevention of disabling health disorders and care dependency in the elderly. A wide variety of measures is generally available for the prevention of falls and fall-related injuries. The spectrum ranges from diagnostic procedures for identifying individuals at risk of falling to complex interventions for the removal or reduction of identified risk factors. Additionally, medical researchers have proven that regularly practicing senior balance exercises help in minimizing fall frequency. One caveat, however, is that older individuals need to understand a few  basic principles to make the most of their balance activities. To be specific, senior citizens should apply three key steps to their steadiness exercises:
1) Concentrate on the sense of touch between your feet and the floor when performing balance exercises
2) Center your body weight over the middle of your feet ( base of support) when practicing stability routines
3) Always rehearse your steadiness exercises near a stable object like a table or counter to hold on for safety if you need to

Safely Perform Senior Balance Exercises

   By applying the three steps stated above, you can safely and effectively perform your senior balance exercises. For instance, by focusing on the sense of touch between your feet and the floor, you will engage the connection between your sensory receptors in your feet with the balance center in your brain, thereby enhancing your overall steadiness. You can practice your equilibrium routines at the kitchen or bathroom sink to have a solid object to hold onto if need be. You can learn how to implement these key principles as well as learn which senior balance exercises to perform by following the instruction of a knowledgeable physical therapist in the exercise for balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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