Senior Balance Exercises For Stenosis

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   Many older individuals suffer with back pain, leg numbness leg weakness and leg numbness which can lead to stability deficits and a need to perform senior balance exercises on a regular basis. Please see more information at Medical researchers and healthcare providers like doctors, nurses and physical therapists have looked into what causes stenosis and what can be done to help older folks who suffer with stenosis. Spinal stenosis is a condition, mostly in adults 50 and older, in which your spinal canal starts to narrow. This can cause pain, numbness, weakness, imbalance, a greater risk for falling and other problems. Your spine is made up of a series of connected bones (or “vertebrae”) and shock-absorbing discs. It protects your spinal cord, a key part of the central nervous system that connects the brain to the body. The cord rests in the canal formed by your vertebrae. For most people, the stenosis results from changes because of arthritis. The root cause of spinal stenosis is that the spinal canal may narrow. The open spaces between the vertebrae may start to get smaller. The tightness can pinch the spinal cord or the nerves around it, causing pain, tingling, or numbness in your legs, arms, or torso. There’s no cure, but there are a variety of nonsurgical treatments and exercises to keep the pain at bay. Most people with spinal stenosis live normal lives if they follow a few basic flexibility exercises, core strengthening routines and senior balance exercises.

Senior Balance Exercises For Back Pain

   Older adults who experience back pain, leg numbness, leg weakness and loss of steadiness due to spinal stenosis are encouraged to rehearse senior balance exercises to help steady themselves and minimize the risk of falling. Medical researchers currently believe that the  leading reason for spinal stenosis is arthritis, a condition caused by the breakdown of cartilage — the cushiony material between your bones — and the growth of bone tissue. Osteoarthritis can lead to disc changes, a thickening of the ligaments of the spine, and bone spurs. This can put pressure on your spinal cord and spinal nerves, leading to the symptoms of muscle weakness, leg numbness, back pain, stiffness and imbalance.
There are a number of senior balance exercises that can assist with both low back pain and balance issues. The first equilibrium exercise to practice involves learning to center your weight in the middle of your feet. By learning to center your body weight, you will not only increase the sensory feedback from your feet and ankles which leads to enhanced stability, but you will also improve your trunk alignment and posture which diminishes back pain. The next stability exercise that can be rehearsed is to stand on one foot. Single leg standing helps to challenge your balance reactions at your ankles and also helps to increase your core muscle strength, reducing low back pain. you can practice these equilibrium routines to overcome balance problems and decrease back pain by following the instruction of an experienced physical therapist in the exercise for balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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