Senior Balance Exercises And Heightened Senses

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  Sensory input is an  essential component of stability and can be enhanced by performing certain  senior balance exercises. Please see more information at  Medical scientists have discovered that individuals with loss in one sense have greater abilities in another sense. As an example, many people with vision loss including such gifted musicians as the late Doc Watson (an unbelievably talented guitar picker), Stevie Wonder, Andrea Bocelli, and the Blind Boys of Alabama are thought to have supersensitive hearing. They are often much better at discriminating pitch, locating the origin of sounds, and hearing softer tones than people who can see. Now, a new animal study suggests that even a relatively brief period of simulated blindness may have the power to enhance hearing among those with normal vision. To be specific, in a recent study, NIH-funded researchers at the University of Maryland in College Park, and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, found that when they kept adult mice in complete darkness for one week, the animals ability to hear significantly improved. Furthermore, when they examined the animals brains, the researchers detected changes in the connections among neurons in the part of the brain where sound is processed, the auditory cortex. The new findings are surprising because such drastic changes in neural wiring were generally thought to occur only during a critical window of development in early childhood. That is why children are such quick learners. As we age, the brain becomes less plastic, which means its less adaptable and less capable of remodeling neural connections. But this new study suggests we may have underestimated the brain’s ability to adapt in adulthood. With this in mind, medical researchers as well as healthcare providers recognize that older individuals who routinely practice senior balance exercises are also able to improve their balance reactions and overall steadiness to avoid falling and hurting themselves.

Senior Balance Exercises For Greater Stability

   Older adults who have a decreased sense of touch in their feet are encouraged to rehearse certain senior balance exercises to improve their steadiness and limit their risk of falling. when older folks have a decreased sense of touch from their feet to the floor, as in the case of folks with Diabetic Neuropathy or Peripheral Neuropathy, practicing stability routines is critical to reduce the potential of falling. To compensate for peripheral sensory abnormalities, older folks can rely more heavily on their sense of vision. For ambulating in the community like in a crowded grocery store or a park with uneven surfaces, paying attention to your foot placement and the positional alignment between your feet and the ground will enhance your sensory feedback to the balance center in your brain. By using a greater amount of visual sensory feedback, you will be more stable and able to walk on challenging surfaces. To maximize your balance abilities, You can practice certain senior balance exercises and stability techniques presented in the Exercise For Balance DVd and explained by a knowledgeable Physical Therapist.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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