Senior Balance Exercises For Movements

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  How we move is a critical component of staying healthy and keeping free of the injuries than come with falling and can be helped by performing physical fitness activities as well as specific senior balance exercises. Please see more information at In these days of advanced research, medical scientists are able to investigate how movement effects older individuals at the molecular level.  According to Richard Shields, PT, PhD, FAPTA, repeated movement creates a “molecular memory” that perpetuates the healthy genes’ activity. Shield proposes that Physical Therapy, with its emphasis on continued movement and activity, is a catalyst for this molecular memory. Given current knowledge about the human genome, coupled with ever-improving methods of individual data collection, doses of movement can be customized for each patient, based on biological genetic regulators, environmental factors, and lifestyle influences that affect frequency, duration, and types of treatment prescribed. As a result, Shields predicted that “precision physical therapy will emerge side-by-side with precision medicine.” Turning to the macro level of physical therapist practice the impact on the human experience.” Shields warned against treatments that are “more about the therapist or the technology owned by an institution than about the experience of the patient.” He continued that using new attention-grabbing treatments that often involve technology may be at the cost of teaching the patient a needed skill for continued long-term mobility, “even something as simple as [manually] wheeling a chair” instead of using a motorized one. Furthermore, practicing certain movement patterns over and over can build desired physical outcomes that are pertinent to aging individuals. As an example, older patients who practice certain movement patterns that emphasize equilibrium techniques will help to build necessary balance skills to improve steadiness and minimize the possibility of a fall.

Senior Balance Exercises For Safe Movements

practicing senior balance exercises can assist with improving steadiness and leg strength, but requires a certain amount of practice to develop needed movement patterns at the molecular level.  Because the balance system is very complex, older adults are encouraged to perform their stability routines on a daily basis. Furthermore, because the proprioceptive (the body’s ability to know where it is in space and how it is moving) system is built on several layers of influence, equilibrium exercises are needed to enhance the sensory feedback of where the body is in space and how it is moving. One specific exercise that will assist in proprioceptive feedback at the molecular level is to stand with the feet shoulder width apart and align the body’s center of gravity in the middle of their base of support established by the feet. Next, the individual can concentrate on shifting their body weight side to side and front to back, to learn how to control the body’s weight shifting abilities. Once good weight shifting control has been established, then the individual can move on to developing strong and speedy balance reactions at the ankles, by standing with their feet along a line in a tandem stance position. This will create rapid balance movements at the feet and ankles as the individual naturally corrects for the changing weight shifting. These balance exercises and balance training techniques and be practiced in the convenience of your own home with the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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