Senior Balance Exercises In Sitting

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   For some older adults, maintaining proper posture and stability in a seated position can be a challenged, but can be improved with targeted senior balance exercises. Please see more at Balance abilities are needed for every aspect of lives from getting out of bed, sitting up on the side of the bed, getting up from the bed or chair, standing, walking, turning in tight spaces, getting dressed, cooking, cleaning, bathing and so much more. Medical researchers have found that older individuals who practice equilibrium routines consistently can enhance their steadiness with movement activities. Stability exercises can also benefit individuals who have neurological or musculoskeletal issues including lower extremity numbness from sciatic nerve problems, diabetes or peripheral neuropathy. A balance exercise program can also enhance the activity level of Seniors who want to stay active in the community, participate in a general exercise program, enjoy a walk on a daily basis, or even continue to compete in sports events like tennis, golf or lawn bowling.   On the other end of that spectrum, equilibrium exercises can also assist individuals who are wheelchair bound or spend most of their day sitting secondary to aging issues, medical conditions were simply just suffering with balance and dizziness problems.  People who are inclined to sit for most of the day can include the very old or the young who struggle with disorders such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or Down’s syndrome. For anyone who is confined to a sitting position, balance exercises can also be quite beneficial.

Seated Senior Balance Exercises

    senior balance exercises can start in a seated position to learn important principles and techniques. One of the first steps to overcoming the fear and incidence of falling whether you are sitting or standing, for older individuals is to begin a specific balance exercise program that includes stability training for weight shifting. Since most falls occur from an older adult losing their balance by moving their body center alignment out of the base of support , learning how to center and control weight shifting is essential. equilibrium exercises that focus on weight shifting can begin in a seated position and then progress to standing. The first exercise in sitting is to sit with a good upright posture and center your body weight through the core of your trunk. In this position, try closing your eyes and holding the upright, centered posture for twenty seconds, three times. The second seated steadiness routine involves starting with your weight in the center and then shifting your weight side to side and front to back in a controlled manner, twenty times. When you are ready you can progress to standing exercises. Start standing with feet shoulder width apart and rocking forwards and backwards or side to side. That routine can be advanced by practicing it on a soft, unstable surface like a couch cushion or soft foam. in addition to rehearsing stability exercises, older adults also need to emphasize strength exercises, which also leads to better steadiness. in particular, it is critical to concentrate on strengthening the “antigravity” muscles like those in the calf (gastrocnemious) and those in the thighs (quadriceps). having strong leg muscles facilitates controlling the body’s weight shifting as well as maximizing the balance reactions at the ankles. you can practice appropriate strength and balance exercises developed by a physical therapist by following along with the exercise for balance dvd at home or at the gym.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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