Senior Balance Exercises For Steady Gait

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   Older adults who have developed strong leg and core muscles through practicing strengthening routines as well as senior balance exercises are more apt to minimize their risk of falling. Please see additional information at Medical researchers have published studies that show that for older individuals steady gait requires strength and coordination of the larger muscles of the lower extremities, which are diminished in persons with neuropathy. Furthermore, progressive resistance training is considered to be the most effective intervention for building muscle strength in older adults (Ferri et al., 2003; Paterson, Jones, & Rice, 2007; Symons, Vandervoort, Rice, Overend, & Marsh, 2005).  To be more specific, strengthening of muscles around the knee joint is related to stride length and cadence changes and can influence reduction in falls in the elderly. Strength training is an intervention that can also improve gait pattern (Persch, Ugrinowitsch, Pereira, & Rodacki, 2009). Other researchers, (Miller, Magel, & Hayes, 2010), published critical information that other interventions that improve standing balance or increase foot strength and ankle range of motion (ROM) also show promise in reducing falls and improving physical performance. Another great, informative study revealed that interventions specifically targeted toward improving muscle strength, balance or range of motion, especially at the ankle and knee joints, have been determined by medical researchers to be efficacious in improving gait parameters ( like speed of walking, stride length and overall balance) and reducing falls (Hartmann, Murer, De Bie and De Bruin, 2009, Miller et al., 2010). Medical providers like doctors, physician assistants and physical therapists agree with these pertinent studies and recommend that aging individuals daily perform both strengthening routines for the legs and core muscles as well as practice senior balance exercises to enhance overall steadiness with all movement activities.

Be Steady With Senior Balance Exercises

     Just as medical, dental, financial, and vision check ups are important for staying healthy, getting counseling on physical fitness including senior balance exercises and leg strengthening routines is essential in later years of life. Physical Therapists are trained to measure key components of balance such as;
-Leg strength, especially in the thigh and calf muscles 
-Core muscle strength
-ankle and foot flexibility
-balance reactions
-weight shifting abilities
-vision as it relates to stability
-any potential dizziness or lightheadedness
-static and dynamic balance
  Once your stability skills and level has been evaluated and established, physical therapists can recommend pertinent steadiness routines and specific leg strengthening exercises to rehearse to help develop necessary equilibrium. Now, you can continue to practice basic stability techniques and senior balance exercises in the convenience of your own home by following the instruction from a knowledgeable physical therapist in the exercise for balance dvd.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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