Senior Balance Exercises For Leg Pain

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  Many older adults experience pain and a limping gait due to tendon injuries and need to perform specific strengthening exercises as well as  senior balance exercises to get back on their feet safely. Please see more information at The most common tendons that are painful in aging individuals are the Achilles Tendon, at the back of the leg below the calf and above the ankle, and the Patella Tendon, below the knee cap. Additionally, many older women also experience hip pain on the outside of the leg, which is often diagnosed as “bursitis”, but is actually tendonitis (now called tendinopathy) of the Gluteus Medius muscle in the hip. Tendinopathy is a term used commonly to describe any painful condition occurring within or around a tendon. Tendinopathy can result from overuse and it is experienced as pain with activity, localized tenderness to palpation, and decreased ability to tolerate tension, which results in decreased functional strength. Add to dictionary usually occur with macroscopic tendon tears and can be partial or full thickness tears. The pain that people experience with tendinopathies create decreased strength in the limb as well as an alteration in the walking pattern which throws the individual off-balance. As a result, aging individuals who suffer with pain from tendinopathyies would benefit from an exercise program that involves both strengthening routines and senior balance exercises to improve steadiness with walking and minimize the potential of a fall.

Senior Balance Exercises For Leg Pain

      To combat the progression of tendon pain in the knee, ankles, and hip which alters function, strength and stability with walking, the best steps to take include both strengthening and  senior balance exercises. When muscle weakness due to tendon pain is present, the development of weakness and imbalance is more likely. Thankfully, you can perform steadiness and leg strengthening exercises simultaneously. The current most common therapeutic exercise regime for treatment of tendinopathy involves mechanically loading the painful or abnormal tissue with the use of eccentric exercises. Eccentric exercises involve lengthening of the musculotendinous unit while a load is applied to it. In relationship to tendinopathies in the lower extremity, you can practice an eccentric exercise where you slowly bend your knees and lower your body towards the floor in a mini squat routine. You can practice 20 repetitions of this eccentric mini squat exercise to help with tendon pain below your knee. For Achilles tendon pain, you can raise up on your toes with both feet then slowly lower down to the floor while standing only on your painful leg. Again, complete 20 of these repetitions 1 to 2 times a day. You can progress this eccentric strengthening regime by adding stability techniques. one such routine involves performing mini squats on an unstable surface like a couch cushion or lawn chair cushion. on this soft, pliable surface, you can challenge your balance skills while building thigh ( Quadriceps ) muscle strength. You can learn about these stability ideas as well as a series of senior balance exercises developed by an experienced Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

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