Move Safely With Senior Balance Exercises

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   Many older individuals experience chronic fatigue, joint stiffness, generalized discomfort and imbalance, which can be helped by participating in gentle movement exercises built on a foundation of senior balance exercises. Please see more information at Often times older adults have experienced some form of trauma within their body that causes them to have tight muscles that are constantly contracting in either their back or their stomach. As an example if an order individual has spinal surgery, many times after the surgical procedure there muscles will respond by staying in constant contraction because of the trauma to the muscles during the surgery. Another example is older people who have heart surgery and have trauma to the muscles in their abdominal region find that their muscles are constantly contracted in their stomach causing long-term chronic pain. When these muscle systems contract on a long-term basis the result is an in enormous expenditure of energy. In physical therapy clinics, one of the most common complaints we received from elderly individuals is that they are always tired. These older folks do not lack energy. The problem is that their muscles are in voluntarily and unconsciously contracted which uses up large amounts of energy. These chronic muscle contractions continue even when the older folks are lying down resting or sleeping. As a result many individuals in the aging population get up in the morning feeling not only muscle achiness but fatigue as well. One way to help combat muscle achiness as well as constant muscle contraction is to participate in gentle movement patterns. These movement patterns can involve gentle stretching exercises as well as gentle rotation exercises. The stretching routines however, should be preceded by performing senior balance exercises in order to develop necessary stability for all movement activities.

Senior Balance Exercises For Fatigue

    senior balance exercises are the first step towards starting an exercise program for those folks who suffer with chronic conditions, such as chronic fatigue. Even for those individuals who struggle with chronic issues like fatigue or pain like arthritis in the knees or back pain, beginning a gentle exercise program can create many benefits. The first step is to practice certain balance techniques that will enable you to focus on the sense of touch between your feet and the floor, which will increase your steadiness and reduce any risk for falling, while you perform gentle stretching routines for your pain and fatigue. Additionally, you can progress your equilibrium routines by practicing standing exercises that begin on solid surfaces like tile and hardwood floors and eventually progresses to standing on uneven and unstable surfaces like thick carpet, cushions or grass. Furthermore, senior balance exercises can be advanced by moving from standing exercises to walking exercises with a wide base of support, progressing to a narrow base of support. For more information, you can follow along with a proven balance exercise routine developed by an experienced Physical Therapist in the comfort of your own home with the Exercise For Balance DVD

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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