Senior Balance Exercises For Optimal Workouts

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   many of us like to get the best bang for our buck and can do that by combining cardiovascular fitness routines, resistance training and senior balance exercises. Please see more detailed information at A new medical study just came out that explained that older individuals who struggle with obesity can best maximize a healthy fitness program by taking up  a combination of aerobic, resistance exercise and balance routines while slimming down. Engaging in aerobic and resistance exercise while losing weight enabled study participants to maintain more muscle mass and bone density compared to folks who did just one type of exercise or none at all, the researchers found. Dr. Dennis Villareal, a professor of medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, reported that “The best way to improve functional status and reverse frailty in older adults with obesity is by means of diet and regular exercise using a combination of resistance and aerobic exercise training.” More than one-third of people age 65 and older in the United States are obese, according to the study authors. Obesity worsens the typical age-related decline in physical functioning and causes frailty, while weight loss can lead to harmful declines in muscle mass and bone density. The researchers wanted to see what combination of exercise, along with dieting for weight loss, might be best. They randomly assigned 160 obese and sedentary adults, age 65 or older, to one of four groups: weight loss and aerobic training; weight loss and resistance training; or weight loss and a combination of both types of exercise. The fourth group served as controls and didn’t exercise or try to lose weight. After six months, physical performance test scores increased by 21 percent in the combination exercise group, but just 14 percent among those who only did aerobic exercise or resistance exercise, Villareal’s team said. The researchers also found that lean body mass and bone density declined less in the combination and resistance groups than in the aerobic group. medical researchers as well as healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses and physical therapists recommend that before beginning a fitness or weight loss program, older individuals should build a necessary platform of stability by rehearsing senior balance exercises on a regular basis.

Senior Balance Exercises For Working Out

  Older adults, especially those who are overweight,  who are looking at maximizing their workouts can combine resistance training, cardiovascular activities and senior balance exercises. By adding balance exercises to your heart healthy fitness and weight loss routines, you can not only advance the effectiveness of your program but also maximize your balance abilities at the same time. as an example, you can perform weight lifting or resistance exercises while standing with your feet in a tandem position.  A tandem position involves standing with one foot directly in front of the other foot, which forces the balance reactions at your feet and ankles to work harder, enhancing your steadiness skills. You can also prepare for an outdoor walking program that promotes both weight loss and  cardiovascular health by developing good balance from walking along a line heel to toe in the safety of your home with a counter or table nearby to hang on to. You can learn these stability techniques and a progression of balance exercises by following along with the Exercise For Balance DVD in the comfort of your own home before you head out to the gym or hiking trails.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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