Senior Balance Exercises

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   For many of us, physical trauma has become a part of our lives, which effects the way we move and our overall steadiness, requiring us to practice senior balance exercises to help normalize our general stability. Please see more information at Most adults in their lives have experienced some form of trauma. By the time we get into our 60s and 70s, many of us have had multiple traumas that affect our muscular skeletal system as well as balance system. The trauma reflex is a natural reaction of the sensory motor system which is meant to guard against pain. A trauma reflex is a common protective reflex. An example of a trauma reflex is tightening the stomach muscles in holding your breath to ward off pain. Another type of trauma reflex is flinching and arching your back while contracting your lower back muscles. This flinch or trauma reflex occurs in situations like being stung by a bee or pricked by a hypo dermic needle. When we cringe or move away from a threatening situation like when a sparkler comes to near to us at Fourth of July we experience a trauma reflex. If our body is injured during that experience, the muscular cringing is meant to hold a tight protective pattern around the point of injury, which translates into a trauma reflex. Over time, the trauma reflexes can affect how are muscles tighten up and how our body limbs move. If the muscles in the lower back and hips become progressively tight overtime then that affects the smoothness of walking as well as balance abilities. With this in mind, older individuals are encouraged to practice senior balance exercises every day to combat the effects of trauma reflexes.

Senior Balance Exercises For Pain Responses

     Forming a daily habit of practicing senior balance exercises is one of the most important ways to reduce postural problems that occur secondary to pain responses from trauma and to decrease the risk and incidence of falling. Stability exercises start with learning specific balance techniques that assist in aligning a person’s center body mass over the mid point of their base of support established by their feet. When an individual concentrates on maintaining their body mass in the middle of their feet, they will have a significant improvement in steadiness, secondary to developing strong sensory feedback from the feet to the balance system in the brain. Additionally, by practicing equilibrium exercises that focuses on aligning ones center body mass, the individual will subsequently develop good upright body posture and also enhance core and trunk muscle strength as well as reduce the firing of pain nerves in response to trauma reflexes. Another benefit of practicing stability exercises is the development of strong and speedy balance reactions at the feet and ankles, which also helps to maintain good balance and reduce the risk of falling. You can practice these senior balance exercises, specific balance techniques and appropriate strengthening exercises by following along with an experienced physical therapist In the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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