Senior Balance Exercises For Gardening

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   Well, it’s that time of the year to spruce up the garden and lawn with a little weeding, but before you head outside, try a few senior balance exercises to make sure you don’t tip over and fall. Please see more information at One of the common way to get injured while gardening is to lose your balance and fall. Sometimes, older folks trip over a hose or a rake and take a fall. Sometimes it is easy to trip going up deck stairs or railroad ties that are in the backyard, which can precede falling. The potential of a fall also increases if the surface of the deck or grass is wet. Before starting to work in your garden, it is essential to practice specific stability skills to be able to manage how you control the way your body weight shifts while you are transitioning from standing to squatting or while in a squatting position leaning forward to pull weeds. Thankfully,  there are certain steadiness techniques that you can use to maintain a center of balance as well as senior balance exercises to improve your stability to minimize the possibility of a fall while gardening.

Senior Balance Exercises For Weeding

  Before you begin your energetic weeding or gardening program, be sure to perform senior balance exercises to boost your stability skills and prevent a fall. For example, The first step to staying safe with outdoor events like gardening and weeding is to practice steadiness routines to advance  general steadiness and reduce any risk of falling. One of the basic principles to good stability is learning to control how you move  your body weight within what is called your base of support. The body’s foundation established by the area under your feet while in a standing position is called your base of support. Additionally, while in standing, your body weight must remain within your base of support in order to stay on your feet and avoid a fall. To learn how to recognize your body weight and how to move it safely within your base of support, start with standing with your feet shoulder width a part. Next, slowly shift your weight forwards into your toes and then slowly shift your body weight into your heels. Next. move your body weight side to side from your right foot to your left foot. As you control your body weight during these movements, you will begin to strengthen the natural balance reactions at your ankles, which help with stability. For an outdoor activity like weeding, you need to be able to shift your body weight into your toes without falling forwards. As a result, it is essential to practice these stability techniques of controlling your body weight shifting within your base of support. You can also advance to specific balance exercises that will advance your steadiness as well as reduce the possibility of a fall. You can learn these detailed stability strategies and an appropriate sequence of balance exercises developed by an experienced Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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