Senior Balance Exercises For Better Fitness

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   Keeping fit in later years can help you stay healthy and can be built on a foundation of healthy eating, staying active and participating in necessary strengthening and senior balance exercises. Please see more information at A few important keys to staying healthy in later years is diet and exercise. In fact, weight loss can be a factor for individuals in their fifties and sixties. Obesity is one of the top health problems facing Americans of various ages today. More than two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese and carrying around this extra weight contributes to more than 300,000 deaths every year. According to statistics from the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of obese people is still rising, despite the fact that 45 million Americans go on a diet each year. A report from the Institute of Medicine states that Americans spend more than $33 million annually on weight-reduction products. As a reminder, there are a few critical facts about weight control:
    • The definition of obesity is having greater than 25-percent body fat for men and more than 30-percent for women.
    • An unhealthy weight or obesity can result in several negative health effects including increasing your risk of developing fatal diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.
    • Research from the American Dietetic Association shows that a 5- to 10-percent decrease in body weight can significantly reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Furthermore, The key to successful long-term weight loss is to focus less on “dieting,” which tends to be a short-term fix, and more on lifestyle changes, primarily healthy eating, and regular exercise. Your goal should be to make health, not appearance, your priority, meaning your weight loss lifestyle changes must include both diet and exercise. To be safe with a fitness program that benefits weight loss, medical providers like doctors, physician assistants and physical therapists suggest that you first begin with practicing senior balance exercises to establish necessary stability for your fitness activities.

Senior Balance Exercises For Weight Loss

    Before initiating a fitness program to help with weight loss, older adults are encouraged to first begin with rehearsing senior balance exercises. One fitness regime that can help lose weight is brisk walking. walking fast helps to increase ones heart rate and respiratory rate. Brisk walking can also aid in weight loss. Before heading out the door to walking in the mall or other department stores or even the neighborhood or on a hiking trail for a brisk walk, be sure to perform equilibrium routines to advance your balance skills. One necessary component of good stability is having fast and strong balance reactions at the feet and ankles. Our natural balance reactions can be seen when we stand on one foot and we notice the small, rapid movement occurring around the ankles. Theses quick movements are adjustments to the minute shifting of our body weight over the small base of support, in this case– one foot. To build strong balance reactions, you can work on standing on one foot for twenty seconds, three repetitions in a row, every day of the week. Once you develop quick and strong ankle adjustments, you will be ready for walking on hiking trails or other uneven terrain.  You can learn these balance exercises and a step by step progression of other appropriate equilibrium routines by following the instruction of a knowledgeable Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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