Senior Balance Exercises For Good Posture

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   Having good postural alignment as well as practicing certain senior balance exercises can help older individuals maintain better stability and reduce the risk of a fall. Please see more information at Posture is evident by the alignment of your spine. Posture is the position of your body when you sit or stand. It sounds like a simple thing, but it affects your mobility, muscle length and strength, flexibility at the joints, steadiness, health and well-being. There are a few simple principles about posture that will help you learn more about the causes of poor posture and the benefits of good posture as you prevent falls and enjoy good health. First, of primary importance, is that posture dictates how you move. When your body is aligned, it works properly. You experience less back, neck and shoulder pain, and your range of motion improves. Also, your vital organs remain in the correct position, and your nervous and digestive systems function the right way. You’ll look younger and more confident, too.  The right posture can also help prevent falls. More than one in four seniors over age 65 suffer a serious fall every year, and those falls can cause serious injuries, keep you from participating in activities, and affect your ability to live independently. With good posture, your risk of falling decreases, since proper posture keeps your muscles strong, reduces strains and helps you remain steady on your feet. Normal postural alignment calls for the person’s body weight to be centered over the middle of their feet. If you imagine a plumb line running through the top of your head, directly through the center of your spine and into the middle of your arches, then you will have good postural alignment. Correct posture will also sustain the normal spinal curves in our body. We have an inward curve in the low back, a slight outward curve in the mid back and an inward curve at the neck. Maintaining all three of these curves in their proper place will keep your body in good alignment and protect the structures like muscles, ligaments and discs from being injured. You can learn how to develop excellent posture as well as necessary stability by performing specific senior balance exercises.

Senior Balance Exercises For Good Alignment

    Even though there are multiple components that can cause a fall for an older individuals, those in the aging population can minimize their potential for a fall by  practicing good postural alignment and rehearsing senior balance exercises on a regular basis.  As baby boomers advance in age, more and more studies related to aging issues have been published. Recent studies have discussed the importance of posture on health and fall prevention. As a matter of fact, Medical researchers have shown that performing equilibrium routines every day boost significant balance criteria including the speed and strength of balance reactions at the ankles as well as necessary postural alignment. Furthermore, rehearsing steadiness routines also help to better leg strength in key lower extremity muscles as well as increase sensory feedback from the feet to the balance center in the brain. Additionally, performing equilibrium routines enhance  postural alignment to reduce the risk of falling forwards. Balance training can be easily done in the convenience of one’s own home on a daily basis by following the direction of a knowledgeable Physical Therapist who presents a step by step demonstration of senior balance exercises in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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