Practical Healthy Living With Senior Balance Exercises

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   More and more medical providers are encouraging older individuals to participate in regular fitness activities including senior balance exercises to elevate optimal health and quality of life. Please see more information at According to Dr. Paul Erwin, head of the department of public health at the University of Tennessee, regular checkups, exercise, no smoking, better diet and a balance between work and play can add years to your life. To be specific, Dr Erwin was reported to say, “Stay up to date on immunizations, screening exams for specific types of cancer [e.g., colorectal cancer screening for men and women, and breast and cervical cancer screening for women], and screening blood tests for conditions such as diabetes and HIV and participate in daily exercises routines.” “Current recommendations call for 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise [or a combination of moderate and vigorous activity],” Erwin said. “If you are not into running, swimming or yoga, try mowing the lawn with a push mower rather than a riding lawn mower,” he added. “Park at the far end of the parking lot rather than the spot closest to the door. Take the stairs up to the second floor rather than riding the elevator.” Don’t use tobacco, which is the most important preventable cause of early disease and death. If you currently use tobacco, try to quit, he stressed. Good nutrition also plays a major role in a long and healthy life: “What we eat is much more important than how much we eat. Be mindful about what you eat,” Erwin said. “Pursue balance,” he advised. “Practice and pursue harmony and balance in life — between work and play, between rest [sleep is important!] and activity, and across the spectrum of mind, body and spirit.” Additionally, performing specific senior balance exercises every day before you workout is an important step towards building needed stability for your active lifestyle. Furthermore, developing good steadiness will minimize the potential of a fall and an injury from a fall.

Practical Senior Balance Exercises

     To maximize your healthy living, it is best to combine good nutrition, restful sleep, strengthening routines, flexibility maneuvers with senior balance exercises. By intentionally participating in these basic steps, older individuals are able to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. One element to include is daily practicing stability routines. Equilibrium routines can be done in the comfort of your own home and the balance skills you learn can be transferred to walking or enjoying outdoor venues. As an example, you can start with tandem walking, which involves walking heel to toe along a line down the hallway. This tandem walking procedure develops quality balance reactions at your feet and ankles, which are necessary for walking on hiking trails, thick grass, dirt paths or other surfaces. You can learn which senior balance exercises to perform by following along with an experienced Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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