Senior Balance Exercises To Slow Bone Loss

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   Bone loss in older adults, especially women, is a major concern for the aging population and can be slowed by staying physically active with fitness activities, leg strengthening exercises and senior balance exercises. Please see more information at Healthcare professionals and medical scientists have shown that osteoporosis, or loss of bone mass and density, is a common problem among post menopausal women.  Osteoporosis in the vertebrae can cause serious problems for women, including reduction in mobility, independence and quality of life. A fracture in the spinal region occurs from day-to-day activities like climbing stairs, lifting objects, or bending forward. Signs of osteoporosis:
  • Sloping shoulders
  • Curve in the back
  • Height loss
  • Back pain
  • Hunched posture
  • Protruding abdomen
    There are various treatments for Osteoporosis including medications, physical therapy and staying as active as possible. A recent study on the benefits of weight bearing exercises and staying physically fit was published by Smith and Reddan entitled, “Proceedings-Physical Activity- a modality for bone accretion in the aged” American Journal of Roentgenology. Their study was based on females in a nursing home which showed that regular physical exercises slowed bone loss and promoted bone accretion. This is a significant finding, in as much as fear of fractures, especially of the hip, normally motivates elderly females to become cautious in there locomotor activities. This fear of falling and cautious behavior leads to a more sedentary lifestyle which intern accelerates decreased muscle strength and decreased bone strength. These authors therefore encourage the opposite behavior where being physically active is the best protection for older women. In addition, medical providers such as doctors, nurses and physical therapist encourage older individuals to first perform senior balance exercises to develop necessary stability before initiating a physical exercise program.

Senior Balance Exercises For Osteoporosis

    Medical researchers and healthcare professionals have ascertained that by practicing senior balance exercises every day, a person can improve their steadiness and sensory awareness that will help to diminish the risk and incidence of falling and incurring a hip, vertebrae or Colles’ fracture. As a  physical therapist, we work on stability exercises with most all of our patients. Since the balance system components decline in function as we age for all of us, it is essential that we include routines that focus on controlling a person’s weight shifting front to back and side to side. Researchers have found that losing control of where the body weight is in relation to ones center of gravity is the first step in falling. As a result,  These weight shifting exercises enable the individual to control their center balance point, in order to keep them from falling if they are leaning forward.  Additionally, equilibrium exercises help to strengthen the person’s balance reactions at their feet and ankles, which enable them to respond appropriately to challenging balance situations, thereby decreasing the risk of losing their balance and falling. Now you can practice a professionally developed senior exercise balance program in the convenience and safety of your own home with the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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