Senior Balance Exercises For Mobile Joints

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  Having adequate joint flexibility is an important component of staying steady on your feet and can be enhanced by performing certain Range of Motion routines, stretching exercises and  senior balance exercises. Please see more information at As we age, we often experience greater stiffness in our joints, especially at the ankles, knees and hips. Many times, joint stiffness can lead to immobility, a more sedentary lifestyle, greater imbalance and a higher risk for falling. A medical researcher, J. Erickson, demonstrated the relationship between joint flexibility and physical activity in his study, “Exercise For The Older Adult.” The Physician and Sports Medicine. In his study, Erickson detailed that there is a direct correlation in regards to the relationship of joint flexibility to physical activity. Erickson found that the collagen meshwork in the body’s connective tissue shortens if it is not regularly stretched. Furthermore, maintaining a broad range of physical activity prevents joint stiffness and consequently limits movement. As a result both the function and the structure of the human body declines unless physical activity is constantly maintained. Furthermore, having stiff ankles limits the capacity to adapt to uneven surfaces like walking on thick grass or carpet, resulting in a greater potential to sustain a fall.  Medical researchers as well as healthcare professionals such as doctors, physical therapists, physician assistance all agree that older individuals should maintain the highest level of physical activity as possible in their later years. Medical professionals also recommend that individuals in the aging population rehearse specific senior balance exercises to maintain adequate stability for all movement activities.

Senior Balance Exercises For Joint Movements

     To enhance joint flexibility at the ankles, knees and hips to make a walking program  safer and more beneficial, it is suggested that you begin  senior balance exercises first to establish an appropriate foundation of steadiness. One equilibrium routine that translates to adequate stability with walking is to perform tandem walking down a hallway. For tandem walking, you want to walk a log a line in a heel to toe fashion, using a narrow base of support. This narrow base of support will encourage your balance reactions to get stronger, faster and more efficient, preparing you to walk on hilly or uneven terrain outside. additionally, you can specifically stretch your ankles and calf muscles by performing a specific calf stretching exercises. To begin, stand near a sink or counter to hold on. Next, put one foot behind the other foot about twelve inches. Next, lean forward while you bend your front knee, while keeping your back leg straight. Hold this position for thirty seconds, three times. During this stretching exercise you will feel a specific stretch in the back of your leg in your calf muscle. These stretching routines and equilibrium routines will establish needed joint and muscle flexibility. Furthermore,  You can develop good balance reactions for walking by following the instruction of a skilled Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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