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  Medical researchers have been collecting data on the health of older individuals and they have found that those aging folks who partake in fitness programs for the heart and lungs, strengthening exercises for the core and legs and senior balance exercises for greater stability have a better overall health report. Please see more information at Medical researchers have conducted a ten-year longitudinal study which showed that older individuals who are physically inactive are four times more apt to rate their health as poor compared with those senior citizens who were active. In fact, those sedentary elders were twice as likely to report failing health when they appeared for their regular medical examination. Worse still, over 50% of those same inactive older adults died sooner then actually expected. Active elders on the other hand continued more locomotor activities, including walking and light housework,  even into their later years. This information explains that as we reduce our participation in physical activities we also reduce our chances for health and longevity. Furthermore, by adopting a sedentary lifestyle we tend to see physical changes in the body that include lower extremity weakness, joint stiffness, immobility and a greater incidence of falling. With this in mind, medical providers such as doctors, physician assistants and physical therapists recommend that older adults stay active in later years and maintain good stability with their activities by performing specific senior balance exercises on a regular basis.

Senior Balance Exercises Improve Health

  You can improve your health report by staying active with partaking in daily leg strengthening routines and by practicing  senior balance exercises to advance your stability skills and minimize the possibility of a fall. Healthcare professionals have demonstrated that the most effective way to limit the potential of a fall is to rehearse senior balance exercises every day. Some of the components of an adequate equilibrium program include learning specific steadiness strategies, developing strong leg muscles through strengthening exercises and rehearsing certain senior balance exercises. The muscles most needed for exceptional balance include the front thigh muscle, called the quadriceps, the calf muscle, called the gastrocnemius, and trunk muscles, Called paraspinal and abdominal muscles. Furthermore, Strong leg and trunk muscles should be complimented with strong and fast balance reactions at the feet and ankles for necessary steadiness during all movement activities. Furthermore, it is essential to practice senior balance exercises that improve a person’s ability to control and shift their body weight safely. Controlling ones body weight is essential if you for instance trip on a rug or threshold and need to pull yourself upright to avoid a fall. These specific balance techniques and senior balance exercises can make the most impact for you if they are practiced on a daily basis by following the direction of an experienced Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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