Senior Balance Exercises For The Aging Process

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   As we age, many of us follow common patterns that lead to  a more sedentary lifestyle, weaker muscles, stiff joints and a higher incidence of falling, which can be reversed by participating in physical fitness programs which include certain senior balance exercises. Please see more pertinent information  at We all will go through the aging process but we have power to direct how that process will effect us individually. It is the customary sign of adulthood to cease functioning like a young person as we age. This concept of adulthood however, has an unavoidable result: as soon as we stop using our cognitive and physical functions, we lose them. We fall into the old motto “use it or lose it.”
We lose these physical functions because our brain, which is a highly responsive organ of adaptation, adjusts to this lack of activity. If certain activities of daily living are no longer part of our behavioral inventory, our brain crosses them off. In A word, our brain forgets these movement activities. As a result, we tend to walk more stiffly, see a greater weakness in our core and leg muscle strength, experience stiffness at our knees and ankles and have a tendency to trip and fall more often. This aging process will then lead to a greater incidence of falling and injuries from falls. Medical providers like doctors, nurses and physical therapists, however, have found that older adults who maintain their physical fitness level as well as perform certain senior balance exercises will maintain a healthy and active life full of independence and enjoyment.

Senior Balance Exercises For Later Years

     All Older adults who notice a decrease in their overall steadiness are encouraged by healthcare professionals to begin a series of senior balance exercises . By practicing equilibrium routines on a daily basis, aging individuals are able to boost their overall stability and limit the possibility of a fall and injuries from falling. Physical Therapists have designed several basic steadiness routines that older folks can practice in the comfort of their own home. Equilibrium routines can be tailored to fun and relevant daily activities like climbing stairs, stepping into and out of a bath tub and turning in the kitchen.  One such stability exercise involves standing on one foot while you swing the other foot forward and backwards in a slow and rhythmical fashion.  By rehearsing this stability exercises that involves static and dynamic steadiness components, you will be able to recreate the gait pattern that is used during all walking activities. Usually, it is best to practice stability routines while wearing sturdy shoes that offer good support. Be sure not to walk around the house in slippers that have zero support and are easy to slip or trip in. You can learn how to practice these and other specific senior balance exercises by following along with the instructions of a qualified physical therapist in the exercise for balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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