Fitness Routines With Senior Balance Exercises

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  One of the key components for older folks to stay healthy  is to participate in fitness activities starting with senior balance exercises. Please see more information at Recently, medical researchers have shared specific data that points to the benefits of staying physically active in later years. For example, the Journal of Gerontology reported on the physiological effects of a month long program of specific endurance training conducted with a group of individuals whose average age was 70 years old. The medical researchers results indicated that these older subjects had a reduction in circulatory stress, which was evidenced by decreases in heart work pulse, in systolic blood pressure after exercise and in blood lactate concentrations. The author Barry, Page, et al who carried out this experiment found that at its conclusion the work load limit of the 70-year-old citizens was 76% higher than it was the month before they began to exercise. Furthermore, The study showed that the subjects improved their oxygen uptake and pulmonary ventilation. Additionally, the study revealed that the older individuals experienced an improvement in their post exercise systolic blood pressure and post exercise blood lactate level. To summarize this medical research, these authors have shown that endurance training has substantial benefits for the heart and long organs. These medical researchers as well as healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses and physical therapists recommend that older individuals initiate their endurance training program with senior balance exercises in order to develop adequate stability for their exercise routines.

Senior Balance Exercises For Safe Workouts

   Older adults who want to stay healthy later in life are encouraged to participate in fitness regimes as well as leg strengthening routines and senior balance exercises. Endurance training can include brisk walking, bike riding and other forms of fitness that increases ones heart rate and respiratory rate. To prepare for endurance training, it is best to begin with equilibrium routines. The first step is to initiate static steadiness routines like standing on one foot. single leg standing involves standing on one foot for twenty seconds, three times on each foot. You can progress to dynamic stability routines like dynamic, challenged walking. On example of challenged walking is tandem walking. Tandem walking involves walking down a hallway where you are walking along a line. these Balance exercises can improve balance by increasing the body’s quickness with balance reactions. Balance training  can maximize the brain and body connection so the ankles are more efficient at adjusting to a rapid change in the body’s center of gravity. Stability exercises help you gain footing on different surfaces like  with uneven terrain for hiking or with walking on wet, slippery sidewalks with the dog. Equilibrium routines   done everyday can prepare you for more advanced activities such as tennis, golf, skiing or taking a spin on a zip line. Equilibrium routines can also prepare you for endurance training activities.  As you advance balance, you will feel more confident at home and outside the home, allowing  you to enjoy activities and enhance your quality of life. You can learn how to perform these senior balance exercises by joining in with the demonstration in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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