Senior Balance Exercises After A Neck Injury

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   Neck injuries can have a wide spread effect including fatigue, pain, muscle weakness, loss of balance and a need to practice not only neck range of motion exercises as well as senior balance exercises to avoid a fall and further injuries. Please see more information at Neck injuries can come from a fall, but are most often secondary to a motor vehicle accident. Statistics reveal that approximately two million Americans experience a motor vehicle accident with resulting neck pain every year. symptoms that occur after a car accident can include:
-Neck pain
-Neck stiffness
-Difficulties sleeping
-Adrenal fatigue
-Sensitivity to light and sound
-Slurred speech
-Decreased memory
-Depression and anxiety
-Difficulty reading
-Decreased balance and a greater risk for falling
   As a result, experiencing a motor vehicle accident can have far reaching effects on your pain level, mobility, stability, independence and quality of life. Many doctors and physician assistants recommend that those folks who are in a car accident, especially older individuals, should see a physical therapist. In physical therapy, you will receive help to reduce pain with massage and modalities like ultrasound and hot packs. A trained therapist can also help you start to gentle move your neck and upper back in a comfortable way to restore range of motion. Additionally, specialized therapists can help you with specific symptoms of vertigo, difficulty with eye movements and balance abilities. To be specific, vestibular physical therapists can train you on how to stabilize yourself while you are standing and walking as well as how to help reduce vertigo with movements. If you are unable to travel to a physical therapy clinic to get treatments, you can at least enhance your steadiness at home by practicing senior balance exercises.

Senior Balance Exercises For Neck Pain

    Since one of the symptoms that can  accompany neck pain from a car accident is decreased balance and a higher potential for a fall, medical professionals suggest that they begin a series of senior balance exercises. There are a few key steadiness routines that can be practiced in the comfort of your own home, which will enhance your steadiness and help you with prolonged standing. One equilibrium routine for standing involves standing with your feet shoulder width apart and your body weight centered in the middle of your feet. In this position, you can practice controlling how your body weight shifts forwards and backwards and side to side. This stability technique enhances your overall steadiness as you highlight the connection between the sensory input coming from your feet and the balance center in your brain. You can advance your standing stability routines by performing single leg standing exercises. Single leg standing involves standing near a counter or sink, to hold on if necessary, on one leg. The target goal is to stand on one leg for twenty seconds, three times on each foot. You can learn how to rehearse these senior balance standing exercises and other equilibrium routines by joining in with the demonstration by a qualified Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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