In Home Senior Balance Exercises

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   With a little imagination and creativity, you can develop an excellent senior balance exercises program that you can easily practice in your own home. Please see more information at By rehearsing equilibrium routines every day, medical scientists have shown that older individuals can minimize their risk for falling and getting injured from a fall. These days it is critical for individuals in their retirement years to perform balance routines on a regular basis since there is such a high incidence of falling among individuals over 60 years of age. As an example, healthcare providers like doctors, nurses and physical therapists,  have noted that one in three senior citizens fall every year, often injuring their hip, upper extremity or head. The most common injury due to a fall is a hip fracture. Many times the hip fracture condition leads to surgery and hospitalization followed by living in a assisted living facility or nursing home. As a result, a fall can lead to significantly decreased quality-of-life as well as reduced independence for older individuals. With this in mind, it is essential for those in the aging population to perform steadiness routines on a daily basis to help enhance their overall stability and minimize the risk for falling.

Senior Balance Exercises For Reducing Falls

    A daily dose of senior balance exercises can help improve steadiness and keep older folks from falling. In addition, you can make practicing equilibrium routines fun and convenient. You can rehearse different balance exercises in the comfort of your own home. You can warm up with one of the basic stability routines. One basic equilibrium exercise that an older person can start with involves standing on one foot and centering the body weight in the center of the foot. This equilibrium routine has multiple benefits including developing strong and fast balance reactions at the feet and ankles. This single leg standing exercise also helps the individual to establish good stability, which is necessary during the stance phase of walking. You can also perform a creative steadiness routine like standing on one foot and slowly rolling a tennis ball under the other foot, which will advance the difficulty of your single leg standing routine since you added a dynamic component to your static exercise. Another creative steadiness routine involves standing near a counter or table and placing a checkerboard or chess set (with chess pieces or checkers) on the board. Stand with your feet together and try to reach with one hand (not touching the counter with the other hand) and pick up the individual chess pieces or checkers.  The goal is to not use any upper extremity support as you reach as well as to not lose your balance during the exercise.  These basic stability tips and specific senior balance exercises like standing on one foot can be practiced on a daily basis by following along with the instruction of a knowledgeable Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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